Building an Addition in Roanoke, Daleville, Moneta, Rocky Mount, Boones Mill & Neighboring Areas

Building an Addition If you’re thinking about building an addition to your longtime family home or recent renovation purchase, it’s important to research contractor services options to ensure that the best quality materials and craftsmanship are used in the construction of your home addition or remodel.

The age old saying “You get what you pay for” holds true for most things, including construction and contractor services. Building an addition for your home is a major construction project that should only be handled by a team of experienced professionals. No matter the size or function of your home addition, you should always avoid shoddy construction work and low quality materials. Fortunately, our team of designers and contractors will work with any budget to bring your custom home addition to life.

At F&S Building Innovations, a great deal of preparation and team work goes into adding a room to your home. In addition to basic contractor services, our designers and contractors will partner with you to help:

  • Explore your options. Embarking on a major home improvement project, such as a home addition, isn’t the only solution to increase space in your home. In some cases, our experts will recommend finishing a basement or attic or remodeling underutilized spaces instead of adding another room or area to your home.
  • Plan your build. What room do you and your family currently lack space in? Whether you need to expand your kitchen, living room or home office, our contractors will help you strategize your home addition project to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck.
  • Choose materials. How you furnish your new space can make or break the look and functionality. Having our expert designers by your side will help you make important decisions about various finishings such as cabinetry, custom backsplashes, counter tops, closet doors, tile and more.

No matter what your need may be when building an addition to your home — be it a new entertaining space, living area or guest bedroom — you can trust the experienced contractors and subcontractors at F&S Building Innovations to handle your home improvement project on schedule and within budget. We’ve worked with those in Roanoke, Daleville, Moneta, Rocky Mount, Boones Mill and the neighboring areas, so contact us today to get started.