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At F & S Building Innovations we started as a builder of custom homes, and so we’re sticklers when it comes to quality and choice. This is your home, your personal space, and we want to make sure it’s all it can be.

Rated as a one of the best companies for remodeling in Roanoke VA, we know it’s time to modernize your home.
Whether you’re looking for that killer kitchen, luxurious bathroom, basement game room and more, our team can take your space to a new level.

The best part is we work with you on the design, coordinating with subcontractors who specialize in plumbing, electrical and other specialties. From simple jobs – like new floors with radiant heat – to complex ones like gutting and crafting your next kitchen, F&S Building Innovations takes you through the entire remodeling process, including the proper construction permits, so you know what to expect.

A Trusted Company For Remodeling In Roanoke VA

We’re also passionate about keeping people independent at home. Our vast experience includes helping individuals with disabilities by widening doors, installing handicapped showers and doors, and installing ramps. Our sister company, ADA Specialties, is all about making seniors, the disabled, and the handicapped safe, comfortable, and accessible in their own homes – fulfilling  needs beyond what could have been envisioned independently.

Contact us to learn how an interior remodel is a great choice.

Remodeling in Roanoke VA


We understand design tastes change as time passes while living in your home. Whether you are looking to change a small space or begin a large project, we are one of the best companies for renovations in the area. We take the time to consider your specific needs with each and every renovation. F&S Building Innovations has years of experience with small and large scale projects and we want to help to with your next renovation. Contact us today to find out what sets us apart from the competition concerning your renovation needs.

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