Remodeling in Lynchburg, Salem, Bedford, Lexington, Christiansburg & Surrounding Cities

RemodelingIf you’re considering a remodeling project for your longtime family home or recently purchased “fixer upper”, investing in a skilled and knowledgeable contractor is the key to a successful construction project. While not every project requires a team of experts, it’s always helpful to have a professional opinion on materials, designs and budget estimates before getting started on any renovation project.

We’ve partnered with our remodeling experts to bring you a few important Contractor Tips to make your next home improvement project a success from the start.

Check out these helpful insights below:

• Make decisions before you begin any remodeling work. You’d be surprised that the cause of most remodeling delays aren’t the decisions themselves, but rather the delivery of your chosen figures such as faucets, cabinetry and tiles. If any of these items arrive later than expected, you’ll need to also reschedule the installations. An experienced contractor will tell you first hand that it’s the small details that cause the largest domino effects in remodeling construction.
• Don’t buy your own materials. While it may seem like an easy way to save on the overall cost of your remodeling budget, a contractor will typically receive a better wholesale price, so even after any markups, you’ll be paying the same price if not less than the retail price.
• Don’t expect your original budget to be the final budget. A client’s original budget is not always realistic to the remodeling work needed to the house. Hiring a good contractor will not only help you set a realistic budget that accounts for all remodeling needs, but they will also help you stick to that figure by doing construction work properly the first time.

No matter what your architectural or interior design visions may be, the professionals at F&S Building Innovations can help you and your family bring your home improvement ideas to life. Whether you live in Lynchburg, Salem, Bedford, Lexington, Christiansburg or surrounding areas, our remodeling experts can help you liven up your current home or update a newly purchased house. Contact us today!