Renovation Contractors for Salem, Bedford, Christiansburg, Rocky Mount, Blue Ridge & Surrounding Regions

Renovation Contractors Every homeowner will face the same question at least once in their lifetime: Is it better to sell your current home and purchase a new home or stay and renovate? Many people hesitate to renovate their current living spaces, because they know that it oftentimes requires a large amount of time, energy and financing, but as the area’s leading renovation contractors, F&S Building Innovations will make the process as simple, pleasant and stress-free as possible. We pride ourselves on being the residential contractor that you feel comfortable with every step of the way and fully understand the pressure one can feel when attempting to add value to their home through home renovations and upgrades.

There are many benefits to hiring a residential contractor to renovate your space instead of looking for a new home. Not only will it save you from the headache of putting your home on the market, hiring a moving team and packing up all of your belongings, but it will add value to your home should you ever choose to sell.

All too often, renovation contractors find themselves working on projects that are highly motivated by fad designs and functionality, but we strongly encourage our clients to look at the bigger picture. If you’re choosing to invest in a space within your home, going with more classic designs is your best bet come resale time, but that doesn’t mean that the renovation contractors at F&S Building Innovations can’t make any renovation project truly and uniquely yours.

Tips to consider prior to initiating a renovation project:

  • Choose a residential contractor who has the skill, experience and craftsmanship to make your vision a reality.
  • Determine the budget for your new space and be sure to account for unforeseen expenses.
  • Decide on the major layout or structural changes you want to make to your living space.
  • Focus on how you may want to use your space in the days, months and years to come and be sure to convey those needs to your renovation contractors and design team.

As expert renovation contractors, we know just how overwhelming the renovation process can be, and we aim to make your renovation as fun and smooth as possible. We will walk you through every step to of the remodel process from design planning and material options to execution, final details and more.

F&S Building Innovations is proud to staff the areas preferred renovation contractors and has served the construction needs of residents in Salem, Bedford, Christiansburg, Rocky Mount, Blue Ridge and the surrounding regions for over thirty years. Contact us today to speak to a residential contractor and make your renovation dreams come true!