Sun Porch in Bedford, Salem, Roanoke, Vinton, Christiansburg & Surrounding Cities

sun porchCertain types of living spaces have a reputation of being outdated or no longer being functional, according to most modern families or homeowners. At F & S Building Innovations, it is our mission to show our clients how these outdated or poorly functioning spaces can be remodeled and repurposed. Projects involving a sun porch or enclosed patio often start as homeowners looking to turn a space of their home into something new. Many people tend to think porches and patios are additions that do not necessarily serve a direct purpose. With our high level of expertise, we have been able to help homeowners see the variety of functional uses porches and patios can provide.

The most common misconception with an enclosed patio is that a family cannot do much to the porch area in order to make it an enjoyable and functional space. After 30 years in the business, we have helped many different families turn a newly constructed enclosed porch into their own private sanctuary. Our projects are all customized to fit your home and your wish list. We will do everything we can to put as many functional and aesthetically pleasing options into your porch as possible.

Here are just a few options of the many ways your sun porch can be best utilized:

  • Create a simple enclosed patio to protect an existing space from the elements.
  • Turn the new addition into a playroom and give your kids their own space.
  • Working from home can be stressful. Turn your new addition into a bright office space.
  • Add plants or maybe even a Jacuzzi to create your own spa at home.

A sun porch will be the addition to your home you will wish you had built years ago. F & S Building Innovations has a team of expect contractors to call upon for your sun porch project in Bedford, Salem, Roanoke, Vinton, Christiansburg or the surrounding cities. Contact us today to start planning your new addition!