Building an Addition in Bedford, Cave Spring, Lexington, Salem, Smith Mountain Lake & Surrounding Areas

building an additionFor those who love their current home and don’t wish to move, but are desperately in need of some extra space––look no further than F&S Building Innovations! Whether it’s from a growing family or just the desire for an extra room for entertaining, storage, office space and more, we are the Class A contractors you should hire when building an addition. Home additions are one of our specialties. We’ve been a construction contractor in this business for over thirty years and have been recognized for the work we’ve created for our clients.

While the awards and recognition are nice, what truly means the world to us is the happiness and satisfaction we leave our clients with throughout the entire process. We begin with collaboration and consultation to determine just what your dreams are for your new addition––and then, we aim to exceed them. We know that many people’s worries about building an addition is whether or not it’ll look like it “fits” with the rest of the home. With our quality construction contractor team and their custom craftsmanship, you’ll have to know it wasn’t there before to know it’s an addition!

What kind of space to consider for your new addition:

  • General expansion to a room that’s always felt a tad snug.
  • Create an in-law suite that allows you both to have your own sanctuary.
  • Are the kids away? For good? Turn those rooms into spaces you’ll enjoy, once they’ve flown the nest and you’re ready to enjoy your home in new ways.
  • And so much more!

F&S Building Innovations is happy to help and collaborate no matter what stage of the decision process you are in. We’ve had experience with hundreds of projects that are the foundation of the expertise we are dedicated to giving you. If you are building an addition in Bedford, Cave Spring, Lexington, Salem, Smith Mountain Lake or the surrounding cities, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Contact us today and we’ll show you why we’re the right construction contractor for the job.