Kitchen Renovations in Salem, Lynchburg, Lexington, Daleville, Rocky Mount & Surrounding Areas

Kitchen Renovations Residents have been relying on F&S Building Innovations for their kitchen renovations for 30 years. Our consultants are extremely well trained and able to complete projects in less time than most other remodeling companies, so if you are considering any house remodeling project, you can rest assured that we are the right company for the job.

House remodeling is something you are best served leaving to the experts. It is our job to bring your visions to life, and F&S Building Innovations is known for our custom craftsmanship and superior construction. We are Class A Contractors, which means we can do more than simply execute your plans. We can start from the very beginning by designing a kitchen that can exceed your expectations and see your project through to the very end of the construction process.

We have a broad range of experience creating custom kitchens for all taste preferences and styles. We can provide the following during kitchen renovations:

  • New Backsplash
  • Updated Kitchen Cabinets
  • Upgraded Appliances
  • New Flooring
  • Kitchen Islands
  • Wall Additions/Removals
  • and More!

From tile and flooring to appliances, cabinets and more, the possibilities are endless when it comes to designing your new space. We make kitchen renovations easy and are committed to help you update your space and obtain return on your investment should you decide to sell your property in the future. F&S is a trusted resource, and our team provides quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and superior customer service.

F&S Building Innovations provides kitchen renovations for those in Salem, Lynchburg, Lexington, Daleville, Rocky Mount and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to see what we can do to add value to your home with house remodeling projects, renovations and more. We look forward to helping you create your dream kitchen and can be your partner for other home additions including bathroom renovations, deck reconstructions and more.